About Us

We’ve been building unique digital products, platforms, and experiences for the past 6 years.

Racklive, formed in 2011, is the data-center rack-level solutions focused division of ASA Computers, founded in 1989. At Racklive, we have assembled a team of top mechanical, electrical, and system engineers, production and project managers who work cohesively on datacenter projects from pre-deployment data center site surveys through field (post-shipment) deployment services to customizable customer support options.

For companies that want to control their own infrastructure and build their own clouds then there is no better Design & Build-to-Order company to take you to that last mile. Racklive is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, providing us with not only the close proximity to our key technology partners, but also the access to many of the brightest and most experienced employees available.

Our unique relationship with ASA Computers provides us with a vast wealth of solid experience and best practices in the areas of systems integration, engineering, and manufacturing. We maintain the Racklive Lab at our Silicon Valley headquarters to be able to build, test, and stress new designs and configurations for our customers, and to create “Gold Standard” copies of key builds that customers deploy with us for future testing. Additionally, we currently operate at two facilities at both the headquarters location and in Santa Clara, providing over 31,000 square feet of production space.

 Work We Do

Quick and easy scaling
Redundancy and failover
capabilities, performance


Optimal performance
best-in-class architecture


We partner with the best data center equipment


We are always looking for bright
energetic sales and technical people.


Today Racklive is a major systems integrator and provider of custom infrastructure solutions to some of the most sophisticated and highly trafficked companies in the world. We are growing and expanding our business in order to provide optimal service to all of our diverse customers. Here are some examples of the intricate custom work we have done for our clients recently.










Racklive understands that while customers may want COTS (common off-the-shelf) components to be used in their equipment builds, those customers would prefer to work with a partner who can still use these components, but optimize the design, unit builds, rack-level builds, the deployment services, and provide flexible, customizable Customer Support options as well. At Racklive, we don’t force customers into a small set of “standard servers” that are sitting in inventory. Please click on a service tab below to explore the different facets of Racklive’s custom capabilities for you.


Are you building the future of your business?

Do you have the concept that will reshape an industry?

Do you need to harness the designs used by the biggest data center consumers?

To realize your vision, you need proven platforms, solutions and partnership to provide architectural knowledge, flexibility and a rock solid foundation for your success.

With our team of experts you have access to decades of experience. Our architects and engineers have broad experience tailoring and optimizing everything from non-stop business critical environments to facility level scale out solutions.

Whether you are building the platform to set the scene for a next generation social networking, digital marketing, rich media, or enterprise application, our team has the experience to help lay the foundation for your success.